Posted by: Jen | October 9, 2009

Random thoughts (I have these quite often)

I tend to think in bursts of randomness, and at times I will share them!

This morning I was supposed to get out of bed at what I call “the ass-crack” (i.e. 5:00 or earlier) and go to spin class with my friend L, who is very motivating in that she manages to get up that early on a regular basis and go to spin class. I used to, when I lived in NYC and had no choice if I wanted to be on the bus at 6:30 to get to work. Now that I work 3 blocks from home and start at 9, the incentive to be up at 5 is pretty much non-existent.

So of course I hit snooze a gajillion times and didn’t make it to spin class. My legs are still sore anyway, so it may not have been a good idea. I did get in some good riding on Wednesday, with riding to various appointments (MASSAGE!) and the gym. I ride my MTB as a commuter bike, so it’s tougher than riding a roadie – heavier frame and all that. I hope this will help in the long run when I race on the road bike. She doesn’t have many miles on her just yet.

Random question for the masses: Do you name your bikes? My mountain bike is named Maia, and my roadie is named Miranda, which means “she who is admired” or something like that. I admire her all the time when she’s hanging on the skyhooks in our back room, collecting dust, and then I feel guilty for not riding her enough. Sigh.

Triathlete’s Guilt is the worst feeling – balancing one sport and your life is enough of a challenge, but three? I’m struggling with this concept. Hopefully when I start an actual training plan, this will be easier to manage. I plan to do the 16-week Olympic training plan (3x balanced) starting in January, with the goal event being the Wildflower Olympic distance tri on May 2, 2010.  Registration opens on December 1 and they cap the number of entries so I’ll be there with bells on, waiting to sign up! It’s a very challenging, hilly race, but luckily I live in The City of Hills. 🙂


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