Posted by: Jen | October 13, 2009

End of season

Triathlon season is pretty much over. There are a couple of races left in the area, but one is a half-Ironman distance and the other is prohibitively expensive, so I’m done for this year with one sprint in the books. Even though I have plenty of running events to keep me busy throughout fall/winter, I feel at a loss. Now I understand the concept of the “blues” people feel after running a marathon. Months of training for a big event and when it’s over, there’s a feeling of emptiness. That’s how I feel right now.

My next event is a women’s 10K on November 1 – part of the US Half Marathon. Day after Halloween + Daylight Savings? It’s gonna be interesting! đŸ™‚ I haven’t run a 10K in a while (since June), so it should be good. I know the course like the back of my hand so I will take a stab at my 10K PR (53:36), which was set in February 2007 when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. I was second in my AG at that race.

In the meantime, I’m volunteering at the Nike Women’s Marathon on Sunday with my friends N and C (they volunteered at the tri and will be coming down here for the weekend) – we will be working in the start area so it’s a 4:30am arrival and our shift ends at 9:00. It’s going to be fun to watch the race start. Thankfully we only have to travel about 3 miles to get there, ‘cuz 4:30am is EARLY.

I will get back into my routine tomorrow – in the meantime, my focus is on getting my jeans dry from my wet walk to work. đŸ™‚


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