Posted by: Jen | October 15, 2009

Tootsies and tempo runs

Tonight was my first tempo run since… well… I have no idea. I don’t ordinarily do tempo runs; I just did two easy runs every week and the track workouts when I was on the SJR run team. However, our track workouts were different from the speedwork on these more advanced training programs; I guess this signals my transition from novice to intermediate runner. (It’s been almost 3 years, I guess it’s time.)

I ran a mile at 11:20 to warm up, then 3 miles at 9:54 on average. It worked out just right – I managed to hit 3 miles right at 29:42. I was rather impressed by that. đŸ™‚ I then did another mile to cool down, and when I was done it really FELT like a workout. I stretched, had dinner with the mister, and came home to shower and relax. I feel tired, but really satisfied.

My tootsies feel like they’ve taken a pounding, too. I think it’s almost time for another pedicure!


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