Posted by: Jen | October 20, 2009

Back on track

I got in my dinky run today, aka 2 miles at the ridiculously slow pace. I ran to Dolores Park and back as I always do (it’s just about a mile to the park) and it was a nice cool morning. However, my legs felt like I had never run before until about the first mile. I did dynamic stretching before I left the house, but I guess I’m going to have to start being more religious about that 5-minute warmup walk before I start running.

I’m also getting tired of running on the street/sidewalk. I want trails! I want trees! I don’t want trash and homeless people and hecklers. Sigh. Soon, I have to keep telling myself. Soon, I will have paved paths and dirt trails and trees and places to ride my bike again…



  1. Awe, its sad that your run is not a pretty one… I will stop talking bad about the dirty little trail I did my C25K training on yesterday… lol .. =)

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