Posted by: Jen | October 21, 2009

Getting pumped

I went to my strength (aka 24Lift) class this evening. Just when I was saying that I need to change it up, challenge myself a little more, all that (*cough* lose some of this recent weight gain because I eat too much junk *cough*) … our instructor does just that. New music AND a new routine. And boy, was it work! Every time I wanted to slack off or modify, I forced myself to keep going – the thought of fitting back into my favorite jeans (and taking a whack at my 5K/10K PRs) was keeping me going.

I think that if I can get back where I was when I set my shorter-distance personal records, I will be able to take a shot at it again. The heavier you are, the harder your body works and the more pressure that is put on your joints. I’m around 15 lbs heavier than I was in fall 2006, give or take. That’s a lotta PSI on the knees and feet.

I know I’ve been making poor food choices of late – too many sweets and not enough veggies – so it’s time to start making a conscious effort to change that. I did it before and I can do it again. 🙂 I had kept it off for more than two years, there is no reason I can’t keep it off for good this time. Enough is enough, you know? No more!



  1. Adding veggies is tough for me. I love roots but I am sure that potatoes, beets, and yams are not considered veggies.

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