Posted by: Jen | October 22, 2009

I *heart* two-a-days (when I actually do them)

I finally accomplished my oft-tried-for and usually-failed goal of a two-a-day. I swam my disastrous 1,000 yards this morning and capped it off with my speedwork this evening. I caught BART to the Muni Metro and actually made it to Kezar a lot earlier than I anticipated. Hooray for days when public transit actually WORKS in my favor!

I started out with a slow mile to warm up, then set up my watch for the one-mile intervals at 9:21. I got through the first one in 9:19, according to Garmin, but the watch also said I hit a mile before my original start place, so I think I was slower. I took the 800m recovery jog at a 10:30 pace and hit it hard again for the second mile at 9:21. I finished that one a little faster – this time I hit the mile mark on Garmin at 9:13. I took another 800m recovery jog followed by a very slooooow mile to cool down.

It was pretty lonely being out there alone, I have to say. There were several groups that always meet on Thursdays – PacWest Athletics and the Pamakids team, among others. Most people had running buddies and there were a couple of “boot camp” type groups there as well. Meanwhile, there’s me, slogging along alone in the outside lanes. For a moment, I did kind of feel like the last kid picked for dodge ball. Needless to say I had my iPod on so I didn’t have to hear all the raucous laughter and people talking to each other. I’m feeling kind of burned out on this solo training thing. Even once a week it would be nice to have someone to run with, but at the same time I’m not really that keen on paying for a program or anything when I can run for free. (Cheapskate, I know.) I’m pretty savvy about this stuff; I intend to pursue certification as a coach myself when I can get a class that works with my schedule. I might have a regular swimming buddy soon, and I saw one of my summer run teammates at the gym yesterday (we were in the same lift class) so maybe I’ll see her every so often.

Sometimes I wonder if I smell funny… or maybe it’s my sarcastic sense of humor. LOL.


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