Posted by: Jen | October 22, 2009

Mmmm…. chlorine

I hit the pool this morning with the intention of swimming at least 1,500 yards (30 laps). I had the music on and was going strong… until about 3-4 laps into it. I lost my mojo. I swam with the paddles for a while to try and work on stroke technique, but even that didn’t keep me going. I felt sluggish and my arms felt fatigued from last night’s strength class. The new routine didn’t really increase or change the upper body workout as much; it seemed to be more lower body-focused. At any rate, I guess my arms were still tired.

At 1,000 yards (20 laps) I called it a day. I got out of the pool and sat in the hot tub for a few minutes, stretching and relaxing. I find it easier to stretch in the hot tub, it keeps the muscles nice and warm which is the best time to stretch. I saw the usual cast of crazy characters in the locker room, but no scary rear visuals like last night. Haha!



  1. I hate locker rooms! With all the wobbly bit flashing… modesty is seemingly passe.

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