Posted by: Jen | October 24, 2009

Not related to running/tri/etc…

The mister and I went house-hunting today and we found a wonderful house! Here is a picture of the front:

It’s a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath with a loft. The kitchen is HUGE and beautiful and perfect for all the cooking/baking I want to do. The yards need some love (new sod will take care of that) but aside from the grass being dead and some minor landscaping to do in the back, the house is ready to live in! It’s wonderful. The bank is looking at offers on Monday morning at 10:00 so we’ll be putting one in as soon as the realtor gets back to us with all the numbers and what her recommendation is for the offer. There are two others pending as well so it’s like being in a live eBay auction. 🙂

Fingers crossed!



  1. That’s awesome Jen! The best of luck to you guys!!

  2. Oooh, what a great house, Jen. Good luck to you and Rolo! I hope you guys get it.

  3. nice house

  4. Close to work?

  5. Any news on the bank accepting the offer??

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