Posted by: Jen | October 25, 2009

Long runs and heat

Today I got up later than usual (of course due to being at a Halloween party until 3:00am, haha) but still went for my run. I had to take my car back to my dad’s house (I leave it there due to a significant lack of parking in my neighborhood and the whole street sweeper thing… I only drive on weekends, if that) and decided to run at the Sawyer Camp Trail since I so rarely get down there. It was pretty warm – over 75 degrees – I usually run in much cooler temps. The new training schedule I’m following has me running at a much slower pace for my long runs, so I wasn’t as affected by the heat. I also carried my own water, Gu, and Gu Chomps so I felt pretty good. I ran 6 miles and saw a lot of people out there – runners, walkers, hikers (I call them that because they were wearing hiking boots – seems silly to me to wear hiking boots on a paved trail, but hey, people do whatever works), families, and cyclists.

One week until my next race. I’m looking forward to it!



  1. Great job on the LR…with such a lack of sleep!! I probably would have pulled the ol’ “I’ll run after work” card and went back to sleep đŸ™‚

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