Posted by: Jen | October 28, 2009

If it’s on the internet, I have to do it. Right?

I have selected my “A” race for 2010.

Here’s the info:

TBF HIT III – The Return.
Half Ironman Distance Triathlon

September 11, 2010

TBF Racing is pleased to announce the return of our Half-Iron Distance event called the TBF HIT. The location again will be Rancho Seco Park with a beautiful lake swim, a one-loop bike course, and a two-loop trail run.

The 1.2 mile swim course will be a one loop course in Rancho Seco Lake, beginning and ending at the beach. The course will be patrolled by the TBF Water Safety Team and assistance is available to any swimmers experiencing distress.

The 56 mile bike course is a one-loop course leaving Rancho Seco Park and turning left on Twin Cities Road. Riders will then make right hand turns on Clay Station Road, Dillard Road, Jackson Road, Highway 124, and Twin Cities Road before making a left hand turn back into the park at Rancho Seco.

The 13.1 mile run course is a two-loop course running on dirt roads and single track trails around Rancho Seco Lake. There will be aid stations located at miles 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 with cold water, CLIF electrolyte, CLIF Shot energy gels and other fuels.


I know the course already – my first duathlon was held in the same park. The run course is what I called the “Dirt Road Into Hell™.” It’s dusty and rocky and I hated it, but I’m willing to take it on again and give it what-for this time. 🙂 I can ride the course at any time since it’s on public roads; that will help in preparing for race day. Swimming in a lake should be easy-peesy, no worries there. I can already swim farther than 1.2 miles.

The price is right, too – they are offering a two-day-only price break of $50 if I register this weekend. That means I’m committed. I’ll need all the support I can get, especially on the days when I just don’t wanna move another inch… but I think I can do this! I know I can!



  1. 56 miles on a bike… my butt would fall off… I just know it…

    Good luck!

  2. Awesome!!!! I am so excited to read about your journey to Half-Iron Man competitor!! You are going to be great!

  3. you can do it!! your going to be AWESOME!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your training!!

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