Posted by: Jen | October 29, 2009

Ya takes the good with the bad

I got up eeeearly and went to the gym. I was super motivated (for a change) to get in my swim and maybe, just maybe, my run too so I have the evening free. Well, everything worked out according to plan. I arrived shortly before 6:30am and only waited about 3-4 minutes for a treadmill (spent that time on the elliptical), so I got my scheduled tempo run out of the way (3 miles @ 9:50, 1 mile c/d – I counted the ride to the gym and elliptical as a warmup).

As soon as the run was done, I stretched and went back into the locker room, changed, and hit the pool. Again, only a few minutes’ wait and I was in the water. Let me tell you, friends, nothing feels better after a run than getting into a nice cool swimming pool. I’ll be doing this run/swim thing more often. 🙂 I swam with music, of course, and felt really strong and speedy. I ended up swimming a mile in about 32:00 and change. (36 laps, average lap time 0:54)

Again, I’m feeling good, I change and walk outside… my bike is gone. The cable had been cut and my U-Lock and helmet are left on the ground. I sigh and start walking towards the bus stop. I got home, changed and showered, went to work, and filed a police report. My bike is registered with the National Bike Registry, so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed for some kind of resolution!

(At least it wasn’t my road bike – it was my mountain/commuter bike. My roadie stays home unless I’m on a training ride or going somewhere like work, where it’s kept indoors.)


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