Posted by: Jen | November 1, 2009

Race #38: Check.

Today I ran the women’s 10K as part of the US Half Marathon. It was a perfect day for a race – sunny, slight fog rolling out, and the temps in the low 50s. The half took off at 7:00am and we started at 7:30. The 10K field was small; less than 200 women (and a handful of men) took to the streets. The first 1/4 mile was uphill, which I did not expect, and I might have taken it too hard but I soon settled into a pretty good rhythm and hit the 5K mark at around 25:50. I was hoping for a sub-55:00 time but am always happy with anything under an hour.

The second half was a little more of a struggle – there was a slight headwind and the sun was in my eyes, which I always hate – but I tried to keep my legs moving. There was plenty of water on the course and I had my vanilla Accel Gel, which I am a huge fan of. Right before the 6-mile mark, we hit the back side of the Fort Mason hill, which is always a toughie, but thankfully we had a downhill finish! My time was 52:24, which is a new PR! However, it seemed like the course was short, but I could be mistaken. There were a couple of places where it was a little confusing where the course should go. I saw one woman go the wrong way but she still ended up catching up to us and she and I legged it out together to the finish.

I got a nice finisher’s medal and some chocolate Myoplex, water, a banana, granola bar, and HiBall energy water that was actually quite refreshing!

All in all, a great race experience. 🙂



  1. Congrats on the PR. Even if the course was a little short, I bet you’ve run long courses before. I figure it all evens out in the end.

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