Posted by: Jen | November 2, 2009


Today is my rest day – I always rest the day after a race, no matter the distance. This is my tentative schedule for the week:

Tuesday – Run 2 miles; swim some TBD distance
Wednesday – Strength class
Thursday – Swim in the morning; speedwork in the evening (or both in the morning if I get up early enough)
Friday – Spin class? Maybe. It’s at 6:00am. That’s a bit of a stretch when I don’t work until 9. If not, I may run Thurs and swim Fri. Or go to yoga, if I ever get a mat.
Saturday – Most likely a day off; we’re going to Sacramento for a baby shower. If I have time, I might go to the strength class at 10am. It depends what time we have to be up there.
Sunday – Run 7 miles easy; Sports Basement is hosting the World Run Day festivities and they’ll have 3.5 and 5 mile courses laid out for everyone participating so I’ll do two loops of the 3.5 mile course.


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