Posted by: Jen | November 4, 2009

Mission accomplished x2

I accomplished two goals today – made it to the gym on time AND ate a healthy dinner. Score!

24Lift class tonight was pretty challenging. At least I wasn’t hungry; I didn’t have my sandwich until 3:00, which helped. The banana kept me full for a while (I ate it at noon). I usually get to class feeling starved and unmotivated. Today I just felt unmotivated. Haha, just kidding. My legs were totally quivering when it was over, which is supposed to be a good thing…??? 🙂

I got home, dropped off my bag, and went to the grocery store for more chocolate milk and my dinner – a lovely chicken Caesar salad. I also got myself a small bag of Pirate’s Booty caramel puffs. They are delicious and healthier than the other sugary snacks I usually snarf up. It was a nice treat after dinner.

I also got a free pair of compression socks today, thanks to our marketing director – she found a bunch of freebies in bins and we all got some stuff. I got the socks, a running hat, and a new pair of TYR goggles with yellow-tinted lenses (great for open water swimming!). I am wearing the socks right now and I can understand why they are so popular – my legs really feel good in them. One of our vendors, Zensah, is sending me a pair of their compression sleeves to try (in DIVA purple, of course!). The nice thing about the sleeves is you can run in them and wear your own socks. Bonus! I’ll be sure to write a review about them after my long run this weekend (I should have them by then). I also bought one of their seamless running skirts on clearance for 50% off (plus an add’l 20% off using coupon code runrun20) – they have compression shorts built in that are supposed to not ride up – that is my biggest complaint about running skirts’ shorts underneath. They all ride up! It drives me crazy.

What are your favorite shirts/skirts/bottoms? Any recommendations?



  1. Hi Jen!
    Where did you get that skirt? I love running skirts and more when they have a nice discount!
    I don’t have the Zensai socks but would love them in purple! I bought a pair of the 2XU and love them!!!

    Skirts I like the ones from b/c of the added pockets!

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