Posted by: Jen | November 5, 2009

Tempo in the dark

Due to my inability to drag myself out of bed this morning, I was left with running after work. On those occasions when I’m running in the dark, I always head to the Embarcadero. For those who don’t know, the Embarcadero is San Francisco’s waterfront – it stretches for several miles and the views of the water, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, etc are wonderful. It’s also very well-lit and crowded with other runners, commuters, and tourists. Today was no exception.

Temperature: 62 degrees, give or take
Workout: 6mi, including 1 mi w/u, 4 mi @ 10:00, 1 mi c/d


Warmup – 11:15ish

Mile 1 – 9:51
Mile 2 – 9:56
Mile 3 – 9:57
Mile 4 – 10:04

Cooldown – 11:15

I was pleased with the results. The hardest part? Running by the Boudin Bakery. It smelled SO GOOD, and I think they were making cinnamon rolls. AHHHHHH!!!! I wanted to go in there and buy one in the worst way. Worst of all, I had to run by it twice because it was an out-and-back.

Once I finished, I stretched in the square and made a pit stop at Subway for a little bottle of chocolate milk. AHHHH, but in a good way. It was delicious. I caught BART and walked home with a stop at the grocery store for salad fixins. I grilled up some chicken tenderloins and came up with this creation for dinner:


Salad with baby carrots, avocado, chicken, shredded mozzarella and croutons.

Salad + a tall glass of water with lemon = very, very nice way to end the night. Oh, and I can’t forget compression socks. đŸ™‚

In other news, it looks like I have an opportunity to become a spin instructor! A new studio is opening down the street from our SF store and the owner is looking for people to teach spin, body pump, latin cardio, hip-hop, and a couple of other classes. I jumped on spin and wouldn’t mind teaching body pump too. I’ve been going to my strength class long enough that I could design a routine pretty easily. Fingers crossed!



  1. We went to Boudin Bakery last time we were in San Fran… so so so so tasty. Good luck getting a job teaching the classes. One of my goals is to get paid to workout one day.

  2. I’m sooo jealous you have the Embarcadero to run on!!! Such a busy/beautiful area to run at night with all the lights!

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