Posted by: Jen | November 6, 2009

Swim at the gym (bad poetry)

I got out of bed this morning ON TIME and went to the gym! Wahoo! I actually went to bed at a decent hour so I wasn’t overly tired. I caught the bus on time and got to the gym before 7:00. I was in the pool right away and swam for 40 minutes. I think it was about 40 laps; I was having a hard time with my paddles and I hit the lap counter button a few times while adjusting them. That made me lose count, but it was 40 or close to it. My headphones are still giving me trouble but I’ll find the right fit eventually!

No cologne dude this time, huge plus. Instead I got nailed in the ankle twice by the breaststroker next to me. ARGH! What is with that stroke? I got kicked by one person and clawed by the next. Breaststroke is not ideal when you’re sharing a lane. Just sayin’.

I got the bus home with a minimal wait again, this is good! I grabbed a shower then had to continue my Friday tradition of a cup of Phil’z Coffee and a breakfast bagel.

Happy Friday, everyone!!! đŸ™‚


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