Posted by: Jen | November 7, 2009

Another good two-a-day

I was excited to not have plans today because I wanted to get in a second strength session – everything I have read says that it’s of more benefit if you get it in twice a week. I got to the gym 30 minutes early and it was still packed! The crowd waiting outside the group exercise room was growing bigger by the minute, and a bunch of people from the 9:00 class stayed for more. Needless to say, there were not enough clips for the bars (to hold the weights on) and barely enough room for everyone to have their own space. I was fortunate to find a spot in the back near the spin bikes so I had a little extra room. The class was great and Erica, the instructor, told me after when I said good-bye that she likes my energy and the fact that I’m always smiling. That felt good!

I went straight to the locker room and then to the pool. I was third in line for a lane and the wait was longer than usual but not too bad. I finally got a lane, got my headphones situated, and was off! I decided to do 10 laps with no paddles, 10 with, and so on. My right headphone started giving me trouble right away – it was the left last time – and I noticed it was worse when I used the paddles. I guess the increased speed through the water? Haha, I have no idea. I finally got the case situated above my bun where it wouldn’t be moved around as much and I looped the headphone cord through my goggle strap so there was no slack. That seemed to help, though I’m still finding that the right side leaks water. I’ll have to try a different sized cover.

I didn’t really have a goal in mind as far as distance, and after 40 laps I found I had a good amount of energy so I said I’d keep going and take stock at 50 laps. I got to 50, still had energy, and said I’ll swim for an hour. I was so close to 60 by that point that I just kept swimming and stopped at 60 laps (3,000 yards/1.7 miles). Time: 1:01:49. I felt really good. I soaked in the hot tub for a few minutes and stretched, then got ready and caught the bus home. My skin was SO dried out – I do hate chlorine, but I love it too. Haha.

All in all, a great workout day. Up next: tomorrow’s long run and World Run Day!


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