Posted by: Jen | November 8, 2009

World Run Day!

Happy World Run Day, everyone! Did you run? I did!

I was originally supposed to head out to the Presidio for the SF World Run Day event but alas, I overslept and accidentally turned off my alarm. It would have taken 1hr 15 min and THREE buses to get there – ugh! I decided I was going to just knock out my run and go with the mister and my dad to look at houses (I had originally planned to stay home). I got my 7 miles done in 1:10; a little faster than I was supposed to go but I was on a time crunch. My knee protested loudly, I have to say. I ran from home to downtown and back in a kind of random zig-zag; not the most scenic or knee-friendly (mostly sidewalks, which suck) but I got it done.

We looked at four houses today (we lost one opportunity because the owners apparently forgot we were coming and weren’t home, and two others were pulled off the market) and will be bidding on three of them. The fourth was absolutely garbage – it’s a wonder they think anyone will buy it in its current condition. It would basically have to be gutted and re-built nearly from scratch to be worth anyone’s money. The other three have lots of potential and each has its own special awesome factor, so I’d be happy with any of them. They are all bank-owned and offers are being reviewed tomorrow, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long! Fingers crossed again!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Good luck with the house hunting. How exciting to think about owning your own place soon.

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