Posted by: Jen | November 11, 2009

Moving to the next level

Today was another crazy day at work – as the holidaze approach, I expect this to happen a lot more often. As such, I barely got out of work on time to make it to the gym, but I made it. Lift class was good today – I took it up a notch and added more weights to my bar and went with heavier hand weights. I really felt it, and I can already feel some changes in my lower body – there’s more of a noticeable curve in the bum area (hehe) and I’m finding that I can hold out longer on the squats.

A new move my instructor incorporated into this routine is very challenging but I am getting better at it every week. It’s a type of squat that’s deeper than a plié squat but also looks like a kettlebell move. Here is a picture:

The difference between this photo and the move we do is, most importantly, that we don’t use a kettlebell. We just use a hand weight. Also, we squat more deeply (almost a sit, with our butts right above the floor, toes out, and legs wide). It is VERY challenging – especially when we are doing half-squats and then go into a full. Feel the burn!!! We are also doing more lunges and regular squats this time so I feel much more work being done on the legs. This has always been my trouble spot so I’m happy to be making progress.

(Random side note: While I’m sure it’s nice that you can go to class with your friend, is it really necessary to talk to each other at high volume throughout a third of the class? I want to hear the music and the instructor, not you! /end rant)

I got home, got cleaned up, and put together this delight for dinner:

It’s penne pasta with chicken breast sautéed in olive oil, a little bit of Smart Balance, and garlic salt. Carbs AND protein, super delish! I also ate a ton of petite carrots before dinner with a little bit of ranch dressing.

Now it’s So You Think You Can Dance and Glee time. I’m so glad the good shows are back on Wednesday! 🙂



  1. Oh man, swings are so so so so hard. Way to go getting stronger and more in shape from the weights class.

    I’m going to have to watch Glee sometime. It seems like everyone is really into it.

  2. Nice, I might steal that move.

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