Posted by: Jen | November 13, 2009

Kind of a FAIL Friday. I guess being Friday the 13th makes it OK.

Today was an exercise FAIL because again, I overslept. I have too much to do tonight so it’ll have to be an unscheduled rest day. I spent a good portion of time humping boxes around at work so that was a workout in and of itself… on top of having to walk from home to the coffee shop to the bagel shop to work only to find I had forgotten my keys (they fell out of my bag). I had to then walk back home and back to work. That’s a lot of walking!

Tomorrow I’ll go to lift class again and then Sunday is my 5K race. I might get in a swim somewhere if I can find the time. I was totally 0 for everything on swimming this week too. At least I got in my runs, right? Maybe?


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