Posted by: Jen | November 15, 2009

SkirtChaser 5K: Race Report

This race was fun! I met up with the ladies from work and we took a bunch of pre-race photos and hung out for a while before the race actually started. They had us start quickly because the road was only closed for a few minutes. And then, we were off! We all ran together and we kept up a good pace just under 9:00/mile. It was a nice experience to run with a group – I’ve never done that before and it was pretty fun.

The course was very nice and familiar – I’ve run quite a few races in the park and I knew what to expect. There were a couple of little hills, nothing unusual. Hills in San Francisco are a way of life!

5K isn’t long enough to have a really long race report – so suffice it to say we had fun and finished in about 27:43 (8:53/mile). Here we are after the race was over:


A good time was had by all!




  1. I’ve always wanted to run this race – but it’s always on a day we’re traveling! maybe this year! Great race!!

  2. Great job on the run. I love your new header. Very nice.

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