Posted by: Jen | November 16, 2009

Rest day and THE CHALLENGE

Monday is a rest day, as always.

I have decided to take on a major challenge – I am going to go vegetarian for 30 days! The challenge will start on November 27 (aka the day after Thanksgiving). We have a lot of food in the house (read: meat) and I hate wasting food, so I will do my part to help consume it before the next grocery run, which should be right after Turkey Day anyway. For the challenge I will be giving up meat only; after that, I might add on. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, any recommendations for good veggie recipes/blogs/sites are most welcome! I got Alicia Silverstone’s new book, The Kind Diet, and it is very interesting. (Link goes to the associated website – full of recipes, blogs, and discussion forums.) I’m not opposed to vegan recipes, either, just for the record. I really want to branch out, expand my horizons, open my mind and palate to new foods, and most importantly, improve my health. I’m healthy in terms of not getting sick with the flu, etc very often – but is that really healthy? I don’t think so. I would give myself a grade of C in the health department because I know I don’t eat well, and that’s a huge part of being healthy (IMHO).

I also do not wish to contribute to the nightmare that is the meat industry anymore. If you’ve never read about the environmental impact of raising livestock for food, you should. It might surprise you. It’s unbelievable how much of the planet’s problems are because of the sheer overuse of energy to fill our bellies with steak and other meat.

Food for thought:

We kill animals (coyotes, etc) to protect another animal (cows) that we are going to kill… and eating that animal’s meat is killing us AND our planet!

The irony is not lost on me.

In the spirit of transitioning to a new healthier lifestyle, tonight I tried Silk soymilk (the plain flavored with DHA/calcium) and it was good! I couldn’t really tell the difference between it and regular milk. One healthy change – done! (I want to minimize, if not eliminate, my dairy intake. I suspect dairy causes a lot of issues I have been dealing with – this will be a good experiment to see if I can reduce some symptoms.) And it was painless! I had a huge salad with dinner (with avocados, mushrooms, tomato, carrots, and cucumbers) and minimized my chili intake from a whole can to half a can. Baby steps…



  1. This is a great challenge!! Chris and I Gave up red meat about 6 months ago and now only eat locally, sustainably and humanely produced chicken lamb and pork and in limited quantities like splitting one chicken breast between us. We also went organic with dairy and produce and both have thhave hat results!! i know a a veetar ookbook a send u hname tw!

    • The last part of your comment went all wonky!

  2. I promise I know how to type/spell!! I was using the internet on my phone, and was half asleep 🙂 It should have read. “We also went organic and local with dairy and produce and both of us have had great results!! I know a great vegetarian cookbook and will send you the name tomorrow.”

    The book is: I checked it out from our library and they have some great recipes!!

  3. Good luck with your dietary changes. We are lucky living in the Midwest that we have access to a lot of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meat and have been trying to transition away from the factory farmed stuff to local (and hopefully more natural) food. It’s easy to slip up or forget and go back to your normal routine, though…

  4. This is a great article and has some vegetarian and vegan recipes at the bottom. The flat bread is my absolute favorite. It’s so delicious and goes with anything. I’ve even made it and then spread some butter and garlic on it and put it back in for a couple of minutes to make garlic “bread’. I haven’t tried it with regular flour, just chickpea.

    Good luck! I went without chicken, pork or red meat for my last semester in college. I lived on the Ag side of campus and passed the ccows on the way to school everyday and I couldn’t eat meat anymore!

    I think the way you’re handling it is great. Taking away slowly is the easiest way to transition to better eating. So many better choices will just naturally follow. Good luck!

  5. I gave up meat for Lent one year and it wasn’t too bad except for when I visited other people and had to be a pain about what we ate for dinner. Cooking for myself wasn’t bad at all.

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