Posted by: Jen | November 17, 2009

Short runs at lunch are gooooood

Naples Half Marathon Training

(Runner’s World SmartCoach training plan)
Week 6

Miles:  2
Assigned Pace: 11:25

I tried something new today (seems to be a theme this month!) and took my running clothes to work for my 2-miler. I didn’t get outside until after 2:00, but the weather was perfect – sunny and cool. (It’s drizzling now so I’m glad I got out when I did.) I was supposed to run the 2 miles in 11:25… but with all the stopping I had to do for traffic lights, it’s hard to say how close I was. Ah well, you do what you can with the time you have.

I decided to go a day without dairy and so far I can already feel a difference – I don’t feel (or look) as bloated as I usually do by this time of the day. I tried Silk soymilk in my cereal this morning and I thought it was quite tasty. I will definitely be making that switch without thinking twice.

Work was busy again but not as much as yesterday. I’m happy to be up on sales over this time last year (I wasn’t working there at the time but it still feels good) and try to get out as many orders as I can. For those who don’t know, I work in e-commerce for a small women’s athletic retailer; I fulfill and handle all the customer service for our online orders. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. I have talked to many great people, and others who are not-so-great, but that’s how it goes with customer service work!



  1. Have fun changing things up. I know switching my schedule/meals/whatnot around can really perk me up when I’m in blah-life mode.

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