Posted by: Jen | November 19, 2009

Mile repeats

Naples Half Marathon Training
Week 6

Assigned workout: Speedwork, 6 mi incl warm, 3×1600 @ 9:15 w/800 jogs, cool

Location: The Embarcadero (takes too long to get to the track – 40-45 minutes each way via bus)

I arrived at the waterfront before 7:00am, a huge accomplishment for Miss I Like To Sleep In Lately. 🙂 My first mile was slow and easy, including seeing the Bay Bridge at sunrise (beautiful!). Then came the dreaded repeats…

Mile 1: 9:15 on the nose
Mile 2: 9:18ish (hard to say, Garmin was set to 1-mile laps instead of 1/2 mile)
Mile 3: 9:21 (I was getting tired)

My knee grumbled a couple of times but nothing major. For those who don’t know, I have PFS and grade III/IV chondral changes in my cartilage – basically it’s disintegrating. Good times. It’s in both knees but the left is worse.

I got home quickly, had my usual chocolate milk, magnesium, and a Thomas’ whole wheat bagel with some Jif peanut butter. Delish!

I’m glad I got the run done before work because I am looking forward to a whole evening to myself. Bones is on and I have some organizing to do – time to start looking at what to pack for the big move!



  1. Great work on the mile repeats. Those are super tough. I had a hard time with my two this morning. Enjoy your evening to yourself.

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