Posted by: Jen | November 21, 2009

Lots of good things

Garmin Connect – Activity Details.

There is the link to my first trail run, which I experienced in its full glory today!  (It looks best in satellite view.)

I applied for a spot on Team Luna Chix and met with the ladies this morning in Mill Valley (Marin County). It was a great meeting – the ladies are super friendly and motivating – and after, they took us for a wonderful run in the Tennessee Valley out to the beach and back.

What a view! I didn’t have a camera with me but let me just say it was gorgeous. The trail itself was really pretty, too. It was single track and I wish I had worn my new trail shoes! (For some reason, silly me didn’t ask what kind of run we’d be doing.) I really felt it in my knees and other areas – trail running requires more lateral movement and use of the balancing muscles.

I was supposed to run 8 miles @ 11:25 as per the plan, but I ended up running 7.5 at an average pace around 10:30. We all ran together and the girls were nice enough to not pull too far ahead of me (I was trying to take it slow to somewhat follow my training schedule.) and waited for me every so often. Definitely one of my most enjoyable group run experiences.

Last night, I went to step aerobics for the first time in months… it was very challenging in its own way. Can we say more use of those lateral support and balancing muscles? No wonder I’m sore today.I definitely wore the wrong shoes for both events, though.

I have a race next weekend, but you can bet I’ll be back in Mill Valley before the year is out to run that trail in the proper shoes!


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