Posted by: Jen | November 23, 2009

No time for loooove, Dr. Jones (name that movie?)

Today ended up being an unscheduled rest day mostly due to a poor night’s sleep. I had to do laundry right after work so I didn’t end up with time to do any kind of workout. I’ll be doing a double tomorrow (swim and run) so that’ll make me feel better about myself. HAHA.

What are you doing to get in your workouts during the holiday weekend? I loaded up with two races – one on Thursday and one on Sunday, with a planned swim and lift class in between (swim on Friday, lift on Saturday). Our gym isn’t offering any evening classes on Wed, Thurs, or Fri so that kills one lift class and step aerobics. I’m on my own! I’ll be heading to the gym on Wednesday to do the 3o-minute circuit (twice!) to make up for Wednesday’s class being canceled.



  1. I’m racing Thursday so I’ll take Friday off. We are going to be touristing Friday- Sunday so I’ll do plenty of walking around. I might try to run on the hotel treadmill but maybe not. Sunday is my off day. As far as strength training goes, I just do pushups and yoga, which are both pretty portable.

    Good luck staying in the swing of working out over the holidays. It’s always tough.

  2. I plan to run tomorrow am since I have the day off work. Thursday I’m going to try to run 2M before heading downtown to walk the 4M Turkey Trot with a friend who’s recovering from an SFX. Friday will be an am run, and then I won’t have a scheduled run again til Sunday 🙂

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