Posted by: Jen | November 26, 2009

Turkey Trail Trot and more cooking goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May your holiday be filled with fun, food, and laughter. 🙂

Assigned run: Tempo, 6 mi total: 1 mi w/u, 4 mi @ 9:54, 1 mi c/d. I modified that slightly!

This morning I ran the Turkey Trail Trot (formerly the Turkey Beach Trot) – 5 miles in beautiful Golden Gate Park. I overslept and ended up leaving the house later than I anticipated, but still made it with time to spare. I picked up my race number and watched the kids’ race. Some of the munchkins got a little excited and started too soon, so they ended up doing it all over again.

Finally our race began and we were off! The Turkey Trail Trot was two events in one – the Trot, which was a 5-mile run, and the Pilgrim Promenade, a 3-mile walk. I saw several of my SF running compatriots at the race, which was very exciting – the more races I attend, the more of the same people I see. It’s a lot of fun.

The race itself was a double loop on the dirt, grass, and single-track trails in the park. Cross-country teams are often seen running these paths on the weekend, and it was a nice change from always running on the road. (My race on Sunday, Run Wild For A Child, is also in the park but exclusively on the road.) There were a few short hills but nothing too overwhelming, and lots of MUD! I love mud. I didn’t get mud all over myself, but I did see other people covered in it at the end. (They must have run through the puddles; I ran mostly around them.) My Garmin battery died within the first mile (silly me didn’t charge it the night before) so I have no idea what my time or pace was. The results will be posted at some point this weekend.

*EDITED TO ADD: Official results! 50:54, 10:11/mile, 50/157 in my age group. Sah-weet!

Here is the t-shirt design (pretty cute, I must say):

(The numbers the turkeys are wearing represent the three main area codes in the Bay Area – 415 is San Francisco; 650 is San Mateo County, south of SF; and 510 is Alameda County, across the bay.)

After the race, I talked to a few people I knew and then headed home. I made some delicious pumpkin pancakes, courtesy of Trader Joe’s:

I changed the recipe slightly, substituting Silk soymilk for the regular milk, Smart Balance instead of butter, adding pumpkin pie spice, and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed for extra Omega-3s and other heart healthy goodness. They were AMAZING! I also had coffee with gingerbread creamer. All very appropriate for Thanksgiving!

Today the mister, my dad, and I are having dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau – a Bay Area institution in Redwood City for as long as I can remember (I have memories of eating there as a child). They offer a delicious, fresh spread with no cooking or cleanup required! If we aren’t eating there on Thanksgiving, we are getting some portion of the dinner catered by Harry’s. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition! (They have amazing mashed potatoes and gravy.)

After dinner, we’re heading to my friend K’s house – she and I have been friends since we were in preschool, and I haven’t seen her in 6 years. I’m looking forward to that! We’ll be having dessert and wine, and of course I have my pumpkin gooey butter cake ready to go!



  1. Great job on your Turkey Trot, Jen! Those pancakes look delicious! Yum!

  2. oh nice pancakes!

    Music/Workouts/Food/Fitness –

    Happy Sunday,


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