Posted by: Jen | December 5, 2009

This week’s long run: Not so much.

Naples Half Marathon Training
Week 8 of 14

Long Run – 9 miles @ 11:25, so sayeth the RW SmartCoach gods
Garmin Connect map


That’s how I describe today’s run. I decided to change it up and run two loops around Lake Merced, which coincidentally enough is a 4.5-mile loop.

Here’s a picture:

It does have a minor elevation change if you run it clockwise, and a more challenging one if you run counterclockwise. I decided to stick with the easier version. The first few miles were OK, and I stopped briefly after the first loop to dump my cold weather gear in my car. The second loop, however, was a lot harder. My knees hurt, my IT bands hurt, my shins hurt, my feet hurt. Hell, even my back hurt and I never have back pain. I don’t know what was going on but it was not fun at all.  I didn’t really stick to my 11:25 pace; I was all over. Generally, though, much slower than I wanted.

After the run I met up with K, my best friend from high school. We went thrifting and I found some great bargains – a really nice Anne Klein overcoat (gray), two sweaters, and an evening dress for less than $40! The mister and I are going to see The Nutcracker next weekend so I have a dress. 🙂

I’m heading up to Sacramento in the next hour or two for the California International Marathon – my friend N and I are volunteering at the finish line. It should be fun!



  1. This is such a beautiful place to run Jen!

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