Posted by: Jen | December 7, 2009

Pain is not good.

This morning I woke up with pain in my left knee. It hurts on the inside, near the bottom of the joint.

I suspect pes anserine bursitis, based on location alone, as seen in this photo:

I felt fine yesterday, except being a little tired from standing all day (I did wear my MBTs for that reason, they are infinitely more comfortable). However, sometime early this morning I straightened my leg in bed and OW OW OW! I have had this pain before, and it usually goes away in a couple of days if I don’t run. I have all the classic symptoms and it is often caused by… tight hamstrings! Yes, clue #1 that I need to stretch more often and better. I suspect my leg soreness after Saturday’s long run contributed to tightness that led to this horrible inflammation. They all seem to follow a logical pattern.

So, I will follow my logical treatment plan that worked last time – ice several times a day, ease off on running and concentrate more on swimming for the early part of the week. No run tomorrow, swim only, go to lift class, take the squats easy, and try for running again on Thursday. Also, lots of good stretching. That cleared it up last time and that was a few months ago so it did work for a while. I’ll have to be better about stretching after long runs that have hills, because I’m sure that contributed to the soreness/tightness.

In the meantime, I do have the icepack on my knee and plan to do some stretching after a nice hot bath because as always, it is freezing cold in my non-central-heated 1890s apartment. 🙂



  1. Healing vibes coming your way!

  2. Ouch! Good for you having a plan to help yourself heal.

  3. Oh I hope you feel better soon girl!!

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