Posted by: Jen | December 8, 2009

Pain is fading

Today was better than yesterday in terms of pain. The knee only bothered me when I had to squat down for an extended period of time, which sometimes happens in my line of work. I slept poorly last night so I missed my swim. This cold weather and the lack of central heat in our apartment is really sapping my energy and desire to leave the comforts of my warm bed in the morning. (I’m not a huge fan of evening workouts, mainly because the pool is overcrowded at night and forget the cardio machines unless you want to wait for the better part of an hour. I also don’t sleep well – I’m too hyper.)

Tomorrow is lift class so we’ll see if I can get out of work on time to go (I missed last week’s class for that reason). The holiday season is a toughie for getting off work on time, and it will only get worse as Christmas gets closer.



  1. I’m also recovering from an injury. hope you heal soon! all the best! =)

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