Posted by: Jen | December 27, 2009

Post-holiday motivation: I has some.

Hello, faithful readers!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with good food, good laughs, and good runs. 🙂 I did manage to get in one good workout this weekend – I ran 5.25 miles on Saturday morning along Crissy Field, from Fort Mason to Fort Point (at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge) and back. It was a cold morning but not too cold and I ended up running the last mile or two with a very nice gentleman from Kansas City who was visiting for the holidays. I love how we as runners always seek each other out and how most of the time, we are all very accommodating and happy to meet/help people find their way in a new city.

Triathlon training starts in just two weeks! I have already started planning out my schedule, but I know it’s going to be a challenge at first because of the move… and we might also be moving at work, too! A double move and a new, much longer commute is going to wipe me out so I have to plan accordingly.

The mister and I had a fantastic weekend, including a road trip, and I feel tired but refreshed and ready to tackle the post-Christmas sale. We’ll see how long that lasts! Haha!



  1. i don’t think i’m ever ready to tackle the post-christmas sales haha

  2. Let’s see…we need road trip pictures and moving in pictures!! Good luck with the post-Christmas sales…hopefully you’ll get a chance to do some shopping yourself and start decorating!

  3. Good luck with your tri training. I started training for sprint triathlon in September. I am also blogging about my experience. I think that you will find it helpful and motivating to write about your journey. I might suggest that you find a training group. I did about 2 months into my training and it has helped a lot. I also benefited from Eric Harr’s book – Training for triathlon in 4 hours a week. Great training plan and diet. Anyway – good luck – I look forward to reading about your progress. My blog is

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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