Posted by: Jen | January 3, 2010

Long run and my second 20-mile week ever!

I think my body is finally getting used to this running thing. 🙂

Naples Half Marathon Training
Week 12 of 14

Assigned run: Long run, 10 miles @ 11:18

Actual run: 10 miles @ 11:12 – 1:51:58

Temp at start: approx 46 degrees, light winds

Garmin Connect: right here!

I decided to get the heck out of the city and see new sights, so I drove across the bay to Berkeley, and ran an old familiar route I’ve visited before – Cesar Chavez Park and the Berkeley Marina. There is enough San Francisco Bay Trail there to easily run 15 miles or more, so it’s a great place for long runs. The views aren’t bad, either. 🙂 As I drove across the bridge, I saw a gorgeous sunrise come out of the fog that had settled over the bay. I took it as an omen of a good run. I was right!

I started out with a loop around Cesar Chavez – it’s about 1.5 miles around – and then took off down the road to the Bay Trail. I crossed I-80 on the pedestrian bridge and ran around Berkeley Aquatic Park, where rowers practice most mornings. Today was no exception; a handful of kayakers were out on the lake and runners and cyclists passed with regularity. I waved or smiled at every single person who passed me and got many waves back. (That doesn’t happen in SF very often, for whatever reason. NYC runners are friendlier in that respect!) After my loop around the lake (about 2.5 miles), I crossed back over the bridge and headed south along the waterfront. The views of SF, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate were priceless this morning – the day was clear and sunny.

I crossed the line into Emeryville, and continued south on the waterfront. At the traffic light, I whipped around and headed back the way I came. I was trying to calculate my return trip to get me back to my start point or close to it – I almost hit it dead on. I was about 100 yards short but it gave me time to walk and cool down. After a good long stretch and a stop at the Seabreeze Market for some chocolate milk and a banana, I headed home.

Today we’re off to the  new house to do some more work (I’ll be doing more cleaning). It’s coming along nicely, and hopefully we can move in by the end of the month!




  1. i love it when people smile/wave back to me when running. sadly i don’t get it often. and i also love seeing the sunrise during a run, so beautiful!

  2. I’m a huge waver! I wish more people waved back, instead of glaring, hehe. Great run girl!!

  3. Sounds like a beautiful run. I’m uber jealous of you right now. Good work. You are going to rock your race!

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