Posted by: Jen | January 5, 2010

The routine returns, slowly

My left knee is bothering me again… sheesh… it’s not urgently painful but it’s pretty annoying so I didn’t run today; however, I did swim for 30 minutes as I am trying to get back into the tri routine – training starts next week! Ack! (I need to get the bike down from the skyhooks and take it to the shop for a quick check.)

The swim itself was OK, my headphones stayed in for the most part but towards the end, as usual, water got into my right ear. Ugh. One day I’ll find the right fit so the water doesn’t leak. đŸ™‚

Not much else to report. Work is busy as usual and I am off late every night. I’m going to try to get in early tomorrow so I can leave on time and get in a workout. We shall see!



  1. I think I’d be terrified to swim with an MP3 player. I don’t care how waterproof they say it is. I’d still be afraid of getting my brain electrocuted.

  2. you swim with an headphones? so genius but i have the same thinking as earlyrunner: i’d be scared of water leaking in. hope the knee feels better soon

  3. Good luck in Naples!! I will be running there too!!

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