Posted by: Jen | January 7, 2010

All is not lost… just my mojo. Again.

My knee was bothering me earlier this week and that seems to have killed my motivation, yet again, with only 10 days until race day. TEN DAYS!!! I am going for my last long run this weekend but I haven’t done much else since I swam on Tuesday. Not exactly a good track record this week. I went to bed before 9:00pm last night, I guess I’ve just been tired. I have still been working long hours, though today was a little shorter. I think the end of the craziness is in sight. Triathlon training starts on MONDAY so it’s time to get my act together!!!



  1. wow race day is so close! as is the start to training. i really like beginning training and being able to follow a schedule. it really helps me focus 🙂

  2. What about an inspirational movie? When I’m feeling “bleh” watching Without Limits, Prefontaine, The Spirit of the Marathon, or 50Marathons/50States/50Days makes me crave a good run!!

    Race day is so close, you are going to do great!!

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