Posted by: Jen | January 12, 2010

2010 Race Schedule

One of my friends did this so I figured why not. Ergo, my tentative race schedule:


1/17 Naples Half Marathon, Naples, FL
(goal: to finish – it’s going to be HOT, which I am not used to)


2/7 Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon, San Francisco
(goal: sub-2:13:27 and a new PR)

2/21 Chinatown YMCA’s Chinese New Year 10K, San Francisco – 2nd year
(goal: sub-55)


3/28 Oakland Half Marathon, Oakland
(goal: finishing and meeting new friends!)


4/18 Icebreaker Triathlon (.5 mile swim – 13 mile bike – 4 mile run), Sacramento
(goal: sub-2:00, top 5 Athena finish)

4/25 Catfish Crawl East Bay (1.2 mile open water swim), Pleasanton
(goal: sub-32:00)


5/2: Wildflower Triathlon (Olympic distance), Bradley
(goal: to finish!!!! sub-4:00 would be nice, though)

5/16: Bay to Breakers 12K, San Francisco – 2nd year
(goal: sub-1:15)


6/5: See Jane Run Half Marathon, Pleasanton (very tentative – I may be working!)

6/19: Angel Island Trail Run 16K
(goal: to finish – trail runs are challenging)


7/25: San Francisco Marathon (first half)  – 2nd year
(goal: better than last year’s time)


8/30: Luna Bar Women’s Triathlon Festival (.5 mile swim – 20 mile bike – 4 mile run), Herald – 2nd year
(goal: top 5 Athena, better time than last year)


9/11: My “A” race! TBF’s HIT III: The Return (half-Ironman distance), Herald
(goal: to finish! sub-6:00 would be nice)

9/26: Race For The Cure 5K, San Francisco [I run RFTC every year – this will be #5!]
(goal: sub-27)


10/10: Golden State Triathlon (.5 mile swim – 15 mile bike – 3 mile run), Sacramento – 2nd year
(goal: better than 4th place Athena, and a faster time than last year)

10/16: Mount Diablo Trail Run (8K), Clayton
(goal: to finish!)


11/13: Stinson Beach Trail Run (20K), Stinson Beach
(goal: to finish!)

11/25: Turkey Trail Trot, San Francisco – 2nd year
(goal: faster than last year)

11/28: Run Wild For A Child 10K, San Francisco- 3rd year
(goal: sub-55)


Unknown, but I’m considering taking another shot at the Rodeo Beach trail run 🙂

I also hope to fit in an Alcatraz swim somewhere! Those are pretty casual with a local open water swim group, so it should be easy enough. They are very beginner-friendly!



  1. wow you are on top of that race schedule! i’m lucky that i know i’m doing boston everything else is up in the air hah

  2. Wow, that’s a busy race schedule. Lots of fun ones in there, though. Good luck this weekend. I hope you have a fun time with all the DIVAs.

  3. Um…. you are awesome. Seriously awesome.

  4. Hats off to you, girl! That is an intimidating schedule right there!

  5. Just came across your blog for the first time. Those are some fantastic goals you have. Congrats in advance. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic! I look forward to checking back again to see how you do. Good luck this weekend!

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