Posted by: Jen | January 20, 2010

Getting back into the game…

Today was a day full of WIN. I managed to get out of bed and go to the gym! Hallelujah! šŸ™‚

I intended to run, but when I saw that alllllllllllllllllll the treadmills were being used (as usual), I decided to change my routine. I had brought my swim gear just in case, and there were only two people in the pool so I had to take advantage of THAT opportunity.

I had the lane to myself for 12 or so peaceful, wonderful, roomy laps. Then I had to share. As I am accustomed to this, it was not that big of a deal. I had my music (as usual, I can’t find a size that works on my left ear so I lost sound and gained water) and swam 10 laps without paddles, 10 with, and 10 without for a total of 30 laps in 29:50. Average pace of less than a minute per lap? SCORE!!!! My goal is to swim at or below 2:00/100 yards at my next triathlon.

However, part of my swim experience was spoiled by the return of… COLOGNE GUY. I have posted about him before; he who decides that he needs to wear a metric butt-ton of cologne inside an enclosed, warm, steamy area. Brilliant. Just what I want to breathe in on the tail end of every lap – the cloying scent of Eau du Guy. It was not the most pleasant experience. If I ever figure out who it is, I plan to share my opinion on the merits of soap and deodorant over quantities of cologne that, if ignited, would start a fire.

After that, I wasn’t done – I still had some time to kill. I put my run gear back on and decided to… hit the bike! I went to the group exercise studio, grabbed a spinner, and got to work. I rode for 20 minutes, because that’s about all the time I had before yoga class started. I got in a really challenging hill sequence and felt great.

Do you think I packed it in? If you did, you would be wrong, faithful reader. I saw open treadmills! I only had scant minutes to spare before I had to head home and shower if I wanted to be at work on time, so I ran one mile. Mini indoor triathlon for the win, friends. I got home, showered, ate, and packed a lunch – I got to work at exactly 9:00. Of course, it was another busy day and I didn’t leave until almost 6:30, but I feel very accomplished. I even packed a few boxes when I got home – moving day is imminent! I packed clothes, books, and all my running memorabilia. I have a LOT of stuff. Medals, bibs, a few age group award plaques… all of it will be hanging up in my new office after the move. šŸ™‚



  1. I like win, especially days of win (and in spite of Cologne Guy!). I don’t like moving, so I am wishing you a ton of serenity through it. Go go go go!

  2. What time did you get up? You accomplished so much before the day even started. That’s the best feeling. Congrats on the awesome work out and good luck on moving. Nobody likes moving.

  3. wow that is awesome work at the gym. i tend to lolly-gag whenever i’m there!

  4. Love it! And POO POO on COLOGNE GUY! Doesn’t he know we only want to inhale the essence of chlorine when swimming? =)

  5. Great job on your workout! So happy about your win of a day (sans Cologne Guy)! Enjoy getting back into tri training!

  6. Woah. Way to pack it all in at the gym. Congrats on the upcoming move (even though the actual moving process stinks).

  7. A metric butt-ton? I don’t remember learning about that in my math classes in school!

    Great job on the swim workouts. I’ve slowly been trying to build up my resistance for longer swims in preparation for the triathlon. It’s been a challenge but I’m getting there.

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