Posted by: Jen | January 27, 2010

Spin makes everything better… sometimes

It was a bit of a busy day! After my 3-mile run this morning, I had to go to the doc for my new patient physical (it’s so nice to have health insurance again) and get a new referral to dermatology for a follow-up – in case you didn’t know, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead in 12/08, so I need regular skin checks. I have a suspicious skin tag on my left hand that has been worrying me and I can’t wait to get it checked out. I got a tetanus shot (owie) and more blood pressure medication (thanks, Mom, for the “gift”) then headed back to work. I didn’t get there until after 11:00 and I arrived to utter chaos – more boxes, bins, bags, whatever being moved into our once clean and somewhat organized office space.


On top of that, we had to receive and tag and process orders that were up to a month old because the items had been on backorder. I think I shipped out at least 20-25 Enell sports bras today. Talk about POPULAR! I also sent at least a dozen Moving Comfort bras – Fiona, Alexis, and Maia are always the most popular sellers. (I personally wear Alexis and Diana is a good one for tris – it dries so quickly.)

On top of all THAT, I got some bad news. My favorite co-worker gave her notice today. Her mother passed away this week, and she’s going back to the Midwest for the funeral. Since she’s not sure when she’ll be back, and she really needs something with more hours/benefits/stability, she is leaving us. Or I should say, she has left us. I will miss her terribly; my favorite days at work were the ones we spent together. Hopefully she and I will get together for a bike ride or a run soon – she doesn’t live far from our new house.

I’m not done! The hits just kept on comin’ today. The medication started making me feel weird, but I expected that because I had been off it for a month due to running out. However, I didn’t expect my arm to hurt so badly from the shot. I felt like I had been doing too many bicep curls on just one arm with a 25-lb. dumbbell. Ugh.

Despite all of the above, I heard the call….

A call I haven’t heard in a long time…

The call of the bike.

I’ll be honest with you, faithful readers. I haven’t touched my road bike since my triathlon, October 11th, 2009. It’s now January 27th, 2010. That’s a long time to not ride your bike. I rode my mountain bike until it got stolen, then I walked everywhere, then I got a “beater” mountain bike, rode that, and now I drive because of our move at work. Needless to say I don’t spend much time on the bike. I went to spin class this past Friday and it was calling to me again. My favorite instructor teaches the Wednesday night spin class, so I said the heck with it, I’ll go. Luckily I had my gym bag in the car.

Yep, it’s true. Spin (like any high-intensity cardio) makes everything seem better. I was sweating, I was breathing hard, my heart rate was sky-high, but all my stress melted away. I felt so much better when I was done, and even now, over an hour later, I still feel great. I’m ready to sleep, but I feel great. đŸ™‚

Tomorrow morning, early, I get to meet one of my online friends from a different group – not the DIVAs. She and I have been friends for going on three years now so I am VERY excited about this. We’re going to have breakfast at the Lucky Penny (one of the few 24-hour diners left in SF), coffee at Phil’z, and then I’ll take her back to her hotel so she can head back to Chicago.

I think I have rambled on enough for one night! đŸ™‚



  1. wow what a stressful day! glad you were able to spin out all the negative/bad stuff. i’m sending good vibes your way!

  2. Crazy day. Sorry to hear your coworker is leaving and work is chaos without you. Glad that you were able to sweat it out in a good spin class. I love spinning.

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