Posted by: Jen | February 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

Busy busy weekend. So tired of driving. I have to tell myself it’s almost over, because it IS!!! Here’s a recap.

Saturday, we had brunch at a little organic place in the neighborhood called Universal Café; neither one of us had been there, it was pretty good. After that we drove to Serramonte, the mall in Daly City, and stopped at Zales to finally get my ring sized… AND…I got a really nice Valentine’s Day gift. Photos to follow after V-Day. 🙂

We went back to the house, loaded the car with a ton of stuff, met our friend B (she has a truck) and drove up to the house. I unloaded the car while they went to Costco to pick up the new dining room set! It’s gorgeous. It’s dark wood with a leaf and 8 chairs (we’ll keep the extras in the garage until we have big gatherings). The one I really liked was SOLD OUT. Total bummer. After we unloaded the truck we showed B around the house and went to have dinner, then we headed home and packed more stuff before going to bed at almost midnight. You all know about my intestinal distress Saturday night…

Sunday, we loaded up the Blazer with more stuff and headed to the house to meet the painters. They were almost 2 hours late. ARGH! We had made a stop at SB so I got some peppermint tea and oatmeal. My stomach was OK with that. After they finally showed up, we grabbed a light lunch (soup and salad) and drove to IKEA to find guest bedroom furniture and a desk for me. I found both, so we’ll pick them up this weekend. It was slammed and we were both getting irritated. WHY do people insist on walking and then stopping in the middle of the aisle or right at the bottom of an escalator? We drove from IKEA back to SF, loaded the truck AGAIN, and drove back to the house. Did I mention it’s almost 50 miles each way?

We unloaded, paid the painters, and I did some touch-up work on the paint in the living room. After all that, we headed back home in my car, leaving the Blazer in the garage. We stopped for dinner and I had more light fare; grilled chicken and a big salad. Whew. I crashed hard last night and woke up today at 7:30.  We have a mover picking up the rest of our stuff and furniture on Saturday and then we are DONE! No more living in SF…



  1. busy busy busy girl! but wooooot to being so close to done

  2. YAYY for moving into a new home!!!

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