Posted by: Jen | February 3, 2010

Take that, hills!

Spin is finally starting to feel somewhat easy again… not to say that spin is easy, but it’s not killing me as much as it did in the beginning. I tried something new tonight and brought Accelerade to class in addition to water. I think that made a difference because I didn’t feel hungry or fatigued as much as last week, and I ate less for lunch today so I expected to be hungry. I love Accelerade and Accel Gel. Both products have that “ideal” ratio of carbs to protein, much like chocolate milk, so it makes excellent fuel. I used both at my first tri and felt like I fueled very well. The only trouble is that the products are hard to find; not all the local sports stores carry it.

I also made a new gym friend today, which was cool. We have the same name, we’re the same age, and we’re both blonde, though I’m super tall and she’s 4’11”. I struck up a conversation with her because she had a D-Tag on her shoe; I asked what race it was from and she had run the same race I did back in November. That got us talking about other races, and she’ll be at Kaiser on Sunday running the 5K. It really is a small world. 🙂

Not much else to report, work was busy as usual but it felt manageable today instead of insane. We’re getting ready to kick off our next training season so I am learning the ropes and getting things ready. We have two kick-off meetings next week and two the week after that; they are at 6:30pm so we’re talking some long days. I’ll most likely start later to make up for the later evening hours. Sleeping in and missing morning rush hour are full of WIN.

Time for some dinner – I really can’t wait to go grocery shopping!!! I feel like Old Mother Hubbard these days. 🙂



  1. Ha. You’re not Old Mother Hubbard quality at all, but I thought that was pretty funny. Glad you’ve got a new gym friend!

  2. You are awesome!!! That is great that you have a new gym friend. =)


  3. awesome with your gym friend. i like meeting people at the gym. its always nice to go there and have a sense of camaraderie 🙂

  4. Fun meeting people at the gym. I always see the same regulars when I’m there, and I should try to strike up a conversation some time.

  5. Nicely done! I find the spin bikes to not be quite as bad as some people think!

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