Posted by: Jen | February 5, 2010

Random Anger

It’s funny how sometimes you can wake up, read your email, and be immediately annoyed. This is part of why I dislike the reliance on electronic communication and really miss just talking on the phone. It’s easy to misconstrue what you are trying to say (or what the person writing to you is trying to say). I’m not going to get into the details, but suffice it to say there have been little things this whole week that have, to be frank, pissed me off. I think it might be time to take a step back and refocus my energies on things I can control.

I forgot to post this yesterday, but this is the song that helped motivate me through my run:

What is your “power song” right now?



  1. Oh, no! Did the PMS Monster get to you, too??

  2. Current power song is probably that song that goes “Some day, love will find you / Break those chains that bind you” by Journey. Haha.

    Hope today still ends up great.

  3. such a great song! i don’t think i have a power song. i do like “run this town” by jay-z though. i channel surf to hear it in the car haha

  4. I currently love:

    bedrock by young money

    best line:

    “call me Mr. Flinestone, I can make your bedrock”

    how is that not inspiring/ just bring a smile to your face while running?!

  5. Don’t know what my current power song is, but Black Dog by Led Zepplin was my first running power song, and it never fails to get me pumped up.

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