Posted by: Jen | February 25, 2010

Still feeling less than my best, but I ran!

Hello, faithful readers!

I’m still feeling exhausted, stuffy, sniffly, coughy, sneezy, and all around worn out – but I ran! I got in 3.5 miles this morning around the neighborhood. I did part of the original loop from Tuesday and tacked on an extra loop near the Pittsburg Marina. It was a beautiful morning, not too sunny, birds chirping, and cool enough for a long sleeve and capris.

I’m having a harder time than I anticipated adjusting to the new schedule and new commute. I think a lot of it has to do with getting up super early on M/W/F and sleeping later on T/Th. I’ll never fully get into a routine, but I do like the extra sleep on those two days! It seems like every day I have some frustration with one aspect of the commute, whether it’s driving or taking public transit. I’ll find my groove eventually, or I’ll go nuts. 🙂 Preferably the former!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. It’s almost Friday!!!!!



  1. bummer youre not feeling all that great but awesome job getting things done, especially running!

  2. You’ll get there schedule-wise. You are a multitasking machine, and I know it! Hope you feel 100% soon.

  3. So glad you were feeling good enough to get back out there! Good luck working out the commute craziness. I’m sure it will fall into place soon!

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