Posted by: Jen | February 28, 2010

I love mud.

I decided to check out a totally new location today and visited Contra Loma Regional Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! A nice, sunny day, about 63 degrees, and perfect. The hills were a rich, vibrant green color. I just roamed around, following whatever trails I could find. I ended up climbing some muddy hills on single-track roads and even found cows! I took photos with my phone, most of which are posted on Facebook, and took a really steep trail to the top of a hill where I was able to see for miles in all directions. It was so amazing. I needed that after a really difficult, frustrating week. I got covered in mud and my pretty “new” shoes are now filthy, but it was so worth it! I ended up running 7 miles, some of which was walking fast due to the steep inclines.

I’m looking at getting a new car, something more commuter-friendly and parking-friendly. My top choices are the VW Jetta TDI, a Mini Cooper, or Kia Soul. I hope to start looking around in the next couple of weeks – I’m done with driving my gas-guzzler V6, getting 19-21 mpg on average, and spending a fortune on gas. I found out my car has a pretty high Blue Book value so I’m going to take a look at what’s out there. I’d get a Prius or other hybrid but they are a little more expensive that I’d like at this point, even pre-owned. I don’t want to have to finance more than $9-10K after my trade-in. The idea is to save money, not end up with a similarly high-priced car payment!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Go VW! I have a GTI VR6 and LOVE it. VWs are solid cars, and I get great gas mileage – of course, I have a 5-speed, too.

  2. mud is wonderful. i think, however, the only time you will hear me say that is when i’m running. i despise the mud otherwise haha

  3. I have a Pontiac G6 (you two have met) and I LOVE her! She’s speedy, she sips at her gas, and she looks damn cool. But you can’t find one new, because GM discontinued Pontiac. **shakesfist**

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