Posted by: Jen | March 4, 2010

Happy National Grammar Day!

I’m a bit of a grammar hound, so I had to put that out there. 🙂

March 4 – Workout #4. Check!

Got up and ran 3 miles around the ‘hood this morning. I got a later start than I hoped for so I didn’t go for longer. I like to have at least 45-60 minutes after to cool down, eat, shower, etc. It was a beautiful morning, nice and cool (I wore tights and almost needed gloves) with the sun peeking through the clouds. The loop was the same, but I picked up the pace, averaging about 9:37/mi for the whole thing.

I’ve been listening to the same music mix since early February, so I think it might be time for a change. Do you have any suggestions for new music? I’m pretty open-minded about music in general, though I do prefer dance/hip hop (not gangsta rap, but songs where you can get the lyrics pretty easily)/Top 40 for running.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVE!!!! Who’s got exciting weekend plans? I don’t, not really. I have to work half the day on Saturday, then I might go car shopping (I want to sell mine before my registration is due next month) and maybe even look for a new furry friend! I think we probably need to look for guest room furniture, too – guests will be staying with us in two weeks and we have no beds!!!! Ack!



  1. i’m a grammar stickler too. glad you got a great run in on a beautiful morning. can you send that weather my way?! 🙂

  2. Happy, happy!

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