Posted by: Jen | March 15, 2010

Mmm, salty!

Open water swim season started today, so of course I took advantage.

Water temp in Aquatic Park today: 55 degrees. FANTASTIC!

It was a good 25-minute swim with sighting drills and a couple of “roundabouts” (swimming to a landmark, then around it, then back to a fixed point). It was SOOOO COLD when I got out; it took an hour to feel my feet again. I’m going to try and go at least twice a month – they have group swims on Monday and Wednesday, as well as one Saturday each month.

However, I am LOVING my new car – thank goodness for heated seats and a strong heater. I was post-toasty in no time. Also, 450 miles on my first tank of gas is full of WIN. (I got it with 212 miles already driven.) I am going for 500 miles this time. 🙂

I smell like the bay, so it’s time for a shower. Have a great week, friends!



  1. Great job on the swim J! Yay new car!!!!

  2. You are very brave swimming out in the bay (I’m guessing) like that. I’d be afraid of being eaten by a shark or worse.

    • This is a common misconception. 🙂 The only sharks in the San Francisco Bay are bottom-feeders. They don’t attack people, thankfully!

  3. hizzah for getting out in the water. i’m like early runner. i’d be terrified of a shark or something. hell i live on a pond (and no where close to the ocean) and i’m still terrified of a shark being in there haha

  4. A salty bay swim sounds just about awesome right about now. I’m so jealous. Oh, and I’m jealous of your car. It’s so freakin’ adorable!
    A lot of people were worried when I told them I trained in the gulf but most sharks are out farther. Jellyfish on the other hand? Eek.

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