Posted by: Jen | March 17, 2010

Revisiting an old friend…

I went back to the pool today and swam 1300 yards, very slowly as usual, I think I have discovered the problem – not only have I not been swimming regularly, but I also stopped my strength training! No wonder I seem to have lost my swim fitness. My upper body strength isn’t what it once was. I’m still averaging about 1:10-1:15/lap and I used to be at or under 1:00/lap. How to fit it all in???

But anyway, back to my old friend. Many years ago, I was heavy into martial arts and Krav Maga – I was at the studio upwards of 5, 6 days a week. The Navy got in the way, so I had to give it up. However, there’s a Tae Kwon Do studio right next to my gym – I took it as a sign. I went in today and talked to the owner briefly; turns out, there’s an adult class on M/W/F at 6:45pm and Saturday mornings for an hour. Tight, but doable.

So, once I get my finalized work schedule, I will do the two-week trial and see how it goes. I was once pretty good at forms and even won a few trophies in tournaments – I was a green belt, which is about halfway to black. I’d love to eventually finish what I started all those years ago. 🙂



  1. Wow, scared of you! Good luck!

  2. how exciting! have fun 🙂

    any chance youll do a post on your martial arts past? (Forgive me if youve already done one!)

  3. Martial arts sounds like a fun way to cross train. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a triathlon where one of the events was Tae Kwon Do? You could swim, bike, and then battle it out for 1st place. I would totally go watch that.

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