Posted by: Jen | March 25, 2010

Planning and motivation

I talked to a friend of mine today about Sunday’s race and our plan of attack – we are going to run together, and I’m going to stick to her like glue. (We went to middle school together and she found me on Facebook a few months ago. We’ve been chatting about running ever since!)

I am pretty much planning to document the whole race in lieu of running for a PR. I will have my phone with me (I’m rarely without it) and I can post photos to Facebook (I will have an album set up ahead of time) with commentary. I’m going to try to blog, but I have an Android phone and the app for WordPress is relatively new and untested, from what I’ve read. So we’ll see if that turns out. If you’re my Facebook friend, stay tuned!

If I’m going to go out there and run 13.1 in a new city I’ve not yet explored, I’m going to document it instead. 🙂 I run races like Kaiser for PRs – I’ve run in San Francisco for so long, it’s nothing new to see Golden Gate Park. I can run for a PR because I’ve seen it before. This is all new! And exciting! So I’m going to have fun with it and not take myself so seriously. I have a lotta miles left in me, so I’m going to take it easy this time around. It is my 6th HM in the last 10 months, after all – I think I’ve got this down pretty well.

We’re also considering chasing the big enchilada, the ultimate goal, the item you put on your bucket list…

You know the one…

Yep, that one…


More on that later. Watch this space. 🙂



  1. GOOD LUCK!!!


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