Posted by: Jen | March 29, 2010

Oakland Half Marathon: A Race Report

On time, no less. I know I didn’t write one last time… my bad! Life got away from me with the move and new commute 🙂

So I stayed with my friend and fellow DIVA, S, at the host hotel – that was SO wonderful and convenient. We were just two blocks from the start! We had a leisurely morning getting ready and got down to the race about 8:30 (race time was 9:00). I stopped by our booth to say hello to my co-workers and they graciously held on to our stuff until after the race (bonus, no waiting in bag check lines!).

I met up with my friend and middle school classmate, J, as we were running the race together. We all headed over to the start with about 10 min to spare and got in our respective “heats.” J and I were planning to shoot for sub-2:20 and see how we felt; as luck had it, we ended up close to the only “pace group” in the race – Alameda Ted and his 2:15 sign. We stuck with him for the first 10 miles; the course was great. Lots of crowd support, flat, somewhat scenic (though some parts were less nice than others, that’s what you get in an urban race).

At about mile 10, we were both starting to struggle – it was warmer than expected and I have a hard time with heat. Minimal shade, not much of a breeze, and a TON of direct sunlight makes me uncomfortable to the max! I kept drinking tons of water and sports drink (I always carry my own, but I wasn’t shy about taking two cups of water at every aid station) and slogged along. We did walk a couple of times, but only for short periods. (We also walked through every aid station.) It was great to see the county courthouse because we only had a mile to go! As we rounded the last couple of corners, J started to take off on me – I was so excited for her because this was going to be a PR. I finished 20 seconds behind her and she beat her last HM time by about 10 minutes! It was so exciting.

Official finish time: 2:14:34. I’m happy with that, anything under 2:20 was fine with me and sub-2:15 is a bonus! My knees had been giving me trouble for a couple of weeks so I was happy to do as well as I did.

I have joined the Half Fanatics club, of course, and look forward to receiving my new singlet. 🙂

I’m taking a short break from half marathons for a while, no more of this 3 in 71 days craziness. I need to focus on triathlon training! I do want to stay at that level of fitness because my “A” race is a half-Ironman, but I don’t need to do a half every month to do that.

Next half (tentative): Windsor Green Half Marathon, May 23. It’ll be a different location, different style of race, and new scenery! I’m getting a little burned out on these urban races, so I’m going to make a change. It’s about an hour and a half away, so I think staying in the area will definitely be in order! Perhaps some wine tasting later in the day? It is near the wine country, after all! Haha!

Have a great week, readers!



  1. great job! you are such a trooper for keeping moving and getting the job done. sounds like it was a tough race. congrats 🙂

  2. Fantastic job, half fanatic! How appropriate. Loved all the pictures too. Your next half sounds really fabulous.

  3. Great job Jen!!!

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