Posted by: Jen | April 1, 2010

March in Review

Miles run: 47.15 (better than February, but not as good as January)
Swims: 4 (including one open water!)
Miles on the bike: 10 (but it’s better than nothing)

Races: 1 half marathon!

OK, it’s an improvement but nowhere near as high as I had hoped. Time to set some goals, I think!

Goals for April

Running mileage: 60+ (15 miles/week)
Swims: 8 or more (twice a week at a minimum)
Miles on the bike: 80+ (20 miles/week)
Fitness classes: As they fit into my schedule – once a week would be excellent!

It’s ambitious, but I think it’s doable. I’ve managed to get myself into a routine of getting up at the same time every day, so now I have no excuse of being “too tired” or whatever. I’m not as tired as I was in weeks past, so I should theoretically have time to accomplish all of my goals.

Tentative schedule:

Monday – Swim AM/Bike PM (with the Delta Pedalers – finding a bike club is full of WIN)
Tuesday – Run AM
Wednesday – Swim AM/Bike PM (with the club)
Thursday – Run AM
Friday – OFF (maybe a bike ride if time allows)
Saturday – Long bike/ride to gym for a swim (maybe)
Sunday – Long run or long ride with the club, reverse with Saturday’s schedule

This plan begins NEXT WEEK. No more slacking! I think riding with a bike club will really increase my motivation to spend more time in the saddle. I also plan to participate in the Tour de Starbucks in May!

We’ll see how it goes, but for now I am cautiously optimistic. 🙂



  1. still a great month. i totally think your april goals are 100% doable. good luck with them 🙂

  2. Good luck. You can do it.

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