Posted by: Jen | April 11, 2010

Getting pumped!

I had an awesome time at the Team LUNA Chix summit this weekend. I met so many great women from all over the U.S. (if there’s a team near you, check ’em out – we put on great events and clinics in our communities!) and learned a lot about sports nutrition, injury prevention, track workouts, you name it! We also went on a beautiful trail run yesterday in beautiful Mill Valley. I love Marin County, though I don’t spend as much time there as I’d like.

We are going to combine forces with the Bay Area Mountain Bike Team so it should be a fun season. We kick things off the first week of May and the season goes through October.

Here’s a fun photo we took today! (Click to see a larger image)

And here’s our team shot:

I’m looking forward to another four-day week – my birthday is on Friday!!! I’ll be taking the day off again. 🙂



  1. What great pics, looks like you had an awesome time and Team Luna Chix sounds great!!!!

  2. Impressive that they caught you all in the air at the same time!

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