Posted by: Jen | May 1, 2010

April in Review

It’s definitely improving, bit by bit!

Running: 52.94 mi (47.15 in March)
Cycling: 39 mi
Swimming: 2 swims
Fitness: 2 strength sessions
Race: 1 half marathon (trail)

This was a much better month than March, overall. Last week was generally bad with only the race and my post-race recovery workout; this week wasn’t much better, though it’s not over yet (and won’t count for April’s stats anyway). Generally I’m feeling good but I know I can do more. I have adjusted my work schedule, so hopefully this will help me get into an even better routine and incorporate more swim/bike time. I have exactly 19 weeks until my HIM. It is now GO time.

I need something to keep me motivated on those days when I don’t want to get up in the morning. I’m thinking I need to start putting motivational photos and stuff on the fridge and in other locations. Do you hang motivational images around your house? If so, please send your suggestions my way!

I’m off to the gym – going to start May off with a bang! Happy National Runners Month!


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